Curriki: Open Source Curriculum

by Tim Cushman


Technology has played a significant role in the way we live, play, and most importantly – learn.  The social networking model has migrated to the world of education to create an outstanding, open source community for developing and sharing curricula at  Curriki is not “another cool site” worth glancing over some weekend.  In my opinion, it is the premiere destination on the Internet for any educator concerned with reaching all learners in his or her classroom.

One may assume the Curriki is simply another repository for lesson plans.  Curriki is so much more with over 20,000 resources and 50,000 members.

The reality of an open platform is long overdo.  The current paradigm of “educational knowledge” distribution limits the access of quality content to a select group of users.  This access is limited primarily by cost, but also by media type (we love our bound textbooks) and distribution method.  In contrast, Curriki is free and centers around the idea that content is “living” and should be exchanged and discussed.  That’s why Curriki includes a user rating system (similar to the idea of YouTube or Amazon) and a range of resources including lesson learning objectives, unit scope and sequence, multimedia to enhance instruction, and tools for creating content.  Differentiating instruction has never been easier.

The video below provides an overview of Curriki.  Watching a video clip does have its limitations.  Be sure to head over to, create your free account and get started!


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