Quizlet. Learn it fast.


I did a lot of memorizing as a kid. At least, I was assigned to do a lot of memorizing as a kid. No “Fact Left Behind” could have been the unofficial tag-line of my primary education. How did I deal with all of the memorizing? My strategy was simple. I would procrastinate until the day of the test or quiz and then fake a dire attack of the stomach flu. If I would have only had Quizlet. I at least may have had classmates willing to play with me at recess without fear of a sudden flare up of “my condition.”

All joking aside, Quizlet really is a useful tool for learning vocabulary. I am a firm believer in teaching problem solving and applying logic to real-world problems, but I also believe there are times where memorization is a necessity. In fact, Quizlet was created by a 15 year old high school student struggling to learn French vocabulary (read the story here). This is one example of what can happen when we put technology in the hands of our students and make them responsible for their own learning. I will not get up on my soapbox at this time…

Quizlet is easy to use for multiple reasons. It starts with the ease of adding information that you would like to learn. Any digital text can be pasted into Quizlet with the standard copy/paste commands. This information is then transformed into individualized flashcards, a quiz style game, or a test with questions in a variety of formats. Please watch the short demo movie by clicking here.

The real beauty of this website is the inate social aspect of the modern Internet. Any data being studied, called a “set” on Quizlet, can be shared with any other Quizlet user or group of users. This means that instead of wasting valuable instructional time having students copy down important terms, the instructor could create a Quizlet set and let students work at their own pace at school during non-instructional time or own their own at home. Students could also create their own sets and easily collaborate with their classmates outside of the classroom.

Don’t want to create a set? You can search for sets created by others and take the quiz…err…quizlet and just get started. I have linked to a word and definition set as an example of some of the sets already available.